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Detect Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera, and Safari

How to detect each of the major browsers (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari) client-side via JavaScript.

Resize Google Search iframe

I’ve integrated Google Custom Search at DigWP.com and Perishable Press. In doing so, I found it necessary to resize the google-search iframe in order to fit with the responsive layout.

Superbox replace rel with data-rel

At WP-Tao.com, I use jQuery Superbox to display lightbox-style popup images and screenshots. Here is a quick mod used to replace rel attributes with data-rel.

Lazy Load Tricks

I use Lazy Load for the sweet animated effects at Plugin Planet. Here are some code snippets for future reference.

WordPress enqueue user-agent stylesheets

WordPress makes it clean and easy to enqueue custom stylesheets via the functions.php file. Here’s how to do it for user-agent stylesheets.

Fade in page content with jQuery

Here are two simple techniques to fade in page content with jQuery. The fade-in effect isn’t for everyone, but it’s a nice tool to have in the box.

PHP Compress CSS & JavaScript

Quick snippets for compressing CSS and JavaScript with PHP’s ob_gzhandler, which will gzip or deflate content depending on browser support.

jQuery align elements with the grid

When working on a CSS grid, here’s one way of aligning variable-height elements, such as blocks of pre-formatted code, advertisements, and so on.

Tabbed sidebar menu with jQuery

Here’s an clean, simple way to add a tabbed sidebar menu using jQuery. You can see an example in the Introspection WP Theme.

Add Tweet-this with jQuery

Quick jQuery snippet today for adding a “Tweet this” button for all of your site’s pages. You can see a demo here at WP-Mix (lower-right corner).

Google Translate in 2 Steps

Follow this simple two-step tutorial to enable users to translate your web pages into many different languages. Great way to increase exposure and traffic.

Include external, current version of jQuery

Quick tip for including (linking to) the current version of jQuery from external sources.