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Launched in December of 2012, WP-Mix is a smooth flow of code, snippets, and tutorials to help with WordPress and web development in general. You can grab the feed for free updates delivered fresh.

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The WP-Mix site is hosted at Media Temple on a VPS/(dv) server running CentOS, Apache, PHP, and MySQL.

The WP-Mix theme is designed with shapeSpace, which is a free starter theme for WordPress. The design is minimal, responsive, and focused on content. Behind the scenes, the site runs on the latest version of WordPress, and utilizes 10 plugins, including:

Three other plugins are used simply to disable unwanted WP cruft. Also use plugins for database backups, XML sitemaps, and checking broken links.

About the Author

Jeff Starr My name is Jeff Starr. I am a professional designer, developer, author, and publisher with over 15 years experience on the Web. My projects include:

I also run my own web-development company, Monzilla Media, and like to give back to the WordPress community with a growing collection of free WP plugins. You can learn more about me or get in touch via the links below.


You can reach me anytime via my contact form. Please allow 24-48 hours for a reply. Note that I don’t reply to spam, marketing, offers, etc.

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