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Launched in December of 2012, WP-Mix is a flow of code, snippets, and tutorials to help with WordPress development and web design in general. You can grab the feed for free updates delivered fresh.

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The site is designed with shapeSpace, which is a free theme template for WordPress. The design utilizes xy.css, which is a responsive liquid matrix, so the content adheres to a vertical & horizontal grid, and looks great on all devices and browsers.

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Jeff Starr is a professional designer, developer, author, and publisher with over 15 years experience on the Web. His projects include Perishable Press, Plugin Planet, Digging Into WordPress, .htaccess made easy, The Tao of WordPress, and WordPress Themes In Depth. Jeff also runs Monzilla Media and gives back to the WordPress community with a growing collection of free WP plugins. Learn more or get in touch via the links below.


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Several pages on the site (also) serve as demos for grid-based responsive design:


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