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Set Firmware Password on macOS

Own a Mac? Prevent thieves from wiping your hard drive by setting a firmware password. Especially useful if running any sort of anti-theft or tracking app. Setting a firmware password for macOS is straightforward, requiring only three steps.

Remove .DS_Store in macOS

I would give my left testicle to stop macOS from creating .DS_Store files in every freaking directory on the system. The stupid files have been driving Mac users mad for years, and apparently there is no end in sight. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to remove them.

Moto G Directory Paths for Images and Media

One thing about Android devices like the Moto G, it can be challenging to locate your images, photos, videos, and other media files. To help save time, I’ll be updating this post with new file paths as I discover them. These paths specifically are for the Moto G, but they’re probably the same on other […]

Chrome Extension Icons Missing from Toolbar

I recently upgraded Google Chrome browser to version 52 point something or other, and noticed that all of my extension icons suddenly were missing from the Toolbar. Apparently Google decided to “hide” them all in the Chrome settings menu.

Monitor File Changes via Cron

Monitoring any changes made to your files is a super-useful security technique. Lots of applications, including forensics, diagnostics, and being cool. Here is a quick way to set it up directly via simple cron job.

Coda 2 Shortcuts

This post is a working roundup of any/all useful shortcuts that I can find for Coda 2 (code editor and FTP software). So far, most of the shortcuts in this post are taken from Brad Strickland’s great post*. So huge thanks to Brad for sharing.

60+ Free Stock Photo Sites

Here is a growing collection of free stock photo sites. Before downloading and using any photos for your project, be sure to check the specific licensing policies of whichever site(s) you are considering. Most everything from the following sites are free and/or open source, but there may be certain exceptions. Better safe than sorry.

Moto G Disable Sync

The Moto G Android phone by default syncs everything with your Google account. That’s fine for people who are not concerned about their privacy, but for everyone else here are the steps required to disable auto-sync on Moto G (and similar) phones.

Combine Audio and Video in QuickTime 7

Quick tutorial showing how to combine audio and video in QuickTime 7 on Mac.

Free Up Server Disk Space

Recently I spent some time clearing up more free space on my server. Here are some notes on things to check when doing so.

Convert NEF to JPG

I take a lot of photos and recently started shooting in NEF format (because I bought a Nikon). I like the quality, but had a difficult time (on several occasions) trying to find a way to convert the NEF files to JPG or PNG.

1Password Dropbox Sync

Here is a simple trick for getting your 1Password data file to sync on any device.