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Moto G Directory Paths for Images and Media

One thing about Android devices like the Moto G, it can be challenging to locate your images, photos, videos, and other media files. To help save time, I’ll be updating this post with new file paths as I discover them. These paths specifically are for the Moto G, but they’re probably the same on other Android devices as well. Hopefully you find them useful. Good luck.

Photos/video taken from camera:   DCIM > Camera
Photos/video taken from apps:     DCIM > AppName
Downloaded photos/files:          Download
Photos/images/screenshots:        Pictures
Movies:                           Movies
Music:                            Music
Colornote backups:                data > colornote > backup
K9/k-9 Email Backups:             /storage/emulated/0/com.fsck.k9/settings.k9s
Pixlr O'Matic                     /storage/emulated/0/Autodesk/PixlrOMatic/
App specific files:               AppName (e.g., BlackPlayer, OGQ, Zedge)

PS: You can use a free app such as “Android File Transfer” to connect your phone to your local machine, view the entire directory, and transfer files.

PPS: The K-9 backup is invisible on some viewing/file-nav apps, so if you don’t see it, try a different app.

★ Pro Tip:

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