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WP-Mix Celebrates 11 Years

Celebrating 14 years online! WP-Mix launched back in 2012 as a simple code snippets site. It’s just a place where I can stash and share useful code snippets and tutorials. There are over 400 published posts and another 300+ draft posts. I could publish all those drafts “as-is”. But a lot of them are just code snippets with little to no explanation. Before publishing I like to flesh things out and provide clear descriptions and extra details. And that requires time and work. Fortunately it’s work I enjoy doing. Just need to find the extra time :)

Time warp..

Here is a screenshot showing what WP-Mix looked like for it’s first four years, 2012–2016. Very lightweight design and super responsive. Sorry the images are a bit blurry, things were different 10 years ago. Click the image to view a full-size screenshot (opens in new tab).

Screenshot: WP-Mix Homepage circa 2012

The site’s design was created with xy.css, which is a responsive liquid matrix (x/y grid), one of my pet CSS projects back in the day. Visitors could click the “Show/Hide Matrix” button in the upper-right corner on any page to toggle visibility of the underlying CSS grid. It was fun stuff :)

Current design

In 2016, I got inspired and redesigned the site to it’s current form. In case I’ve changed the design since the time of this writing, here is a screenshot of the 2016 “v2” theme (click image for full view).

Screenshot: WP-Mix design circa 2016

This design has served visitors well going on seven years now. It balances a user-friendly aesthetic with simplicity and performance. The theme is very lightweight and fast, employing clean HTML/markup with minimal CSS and JavaScript. The more I like a design, the more I want to create content. And I certainly enjoy this current theme :)

To the future..

At some point when time allows, I’ll redesign the site again. Just thinking out loud, the next design will be cleaner with crispier typography and more spacious layout. Also want to add toggle light/dark mode and maybe play with CSS grid layout. How far we’ve come since 2012 :)

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