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WordPress wp-config.php tricks

A concise collection of wp-config.php tricks from my WordPress sites to yours.

Disable Combined Scripts in the WordPress Admin Area

If you’ve ever tried to debug JavaScript or CSS for pages in the WordPress Admin Area, you know that it’s next to impossible to sort out which files contain which scripts. Why? Because WordPress combines them all at runtime into a single, concatenated script. It’s referred to as concatenation, and it helps to reduce the […]

Stop WordPress from adding bundled plugins and themes during updates

By default, WordPress installs its bundled themes and plugins every time the software is updated. So for example, if you’re running the Hello Dolly plugin and a new version is available, WordPress will update the plugin when you upgrade WordPress.

18 Sweet WordPress Functions

Here is a collection of 18 sweet WordPress functions that can be used to improve the functionality of any WordPress-powered site. Enjoy!

WordPress Fix Image Upload Errors

Here are some quick tips to help troubleshoot and fix image and file upload errors in WordPress. Hopefully it helps someone out there get things back on track with their uploaded images. I know it can be frustrating!

WordPress configuration tricks

Some pipin’ hot WordPress configuration tricks for the wp-config.php file. All snippets strictly plug-&-play, no fiddling required. I use most of these on my own sites, so thought I would share ’em here at WP-Mix.

Get WP, PHP, and SQL Info

Here are some sweet code snippets for getting various types of server information. Includes more functions for getting and/or checking various types of WordPress, PHP, and SQL data. Strictly plug-&-play for quick reference and copy/paste usage.

WordPress Cron Not Working

Some servers disable the functionality that enables WordPress Cron to work properly. This post provides an easy fix that should work on any server.

WordPress repair and optimize InnoDB

This tutorial explains how to use WordPress’ built-in tools for optimizing database tables that are of the InnoDB type. Also works for good ’ol MyISAM database tables.

Protect files with .htaccess

Here are some examples of how to use .htaccess to protect any sensitive files on the server.

Disable WordPress Automatic Updates

In case you haven’t noticed, WordPress auto-updates its core files by default. Neat but not always desired. Here is how to disable auto-updates with a few lines of code.

WordPress Load Order

Micro-post today, on the load order of WordPress..