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Shorten text with CSS

There are several ways to shorten text, depending on the situation and goals. It’s preferable in most cases to shorten text server-side via PHP, but also possible to shorten via jQuery or even CSS.

Combine & compress CSS files with PHP

Here is another technique for combining multiple CSS stylesheets into a single, compressed file.

Combine all CSS files with PHP

Here is a simple PHP script that will combine all CSS files (stylesheets) in a given directory. Delivering one CSS file with your web pages is much faster than delivering multiple files because there are fewer HTTP requests involved.

Override inline CSS styles

Quick tip for overriding inline CSS styles from within your stylesheet.

Stop form spam with a hidden field

Sick of teh spamz? Here’s an easy way to block a lot of automated spam from your contact form.

CSS cross-browser whitespace rules

If you’ve ever tried to make whitespace behave across all browsers, you’ll appreciate today’s snippet.

CSS to debug CSS

Here is a minimal set of CSS styles useful for debugging your CSS codes.

CSS3 & HTML5 Cheatsheets

Two excellent cheatsheets for anyone working with CSS3 and HTML5.