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CSS reveal nofollow links

In this quick post, you’ll see how to use CSS attribute selectors to reveal any nofollow links included in your web pages.

CSS text-shadow snippets

Here are some of my favorite/most-used CSS text-shadow snippets.

CSS Style Pre Tags

I enjoy writing about HTML pre tags. In this post, I share some basic CSS to help style your pre tags for both screen and print media.

Center div

Round-up of some common ways to center divs with CSS: horizontal center, vertical center, and both horizontal and vertical center. Nine techniques!

Notes on @media queries

Just a couple of notes for working with CSS @media queries: two ways to write media queries and how to query portrait vs. landscape orientation.

Basic Code for Image Slider

Here is the basic code required for making a simple image slider. It provides a good starting point for rolling your own sliders, carousels, and so forth.

Nice little input button with CSS

Just making a note of the CSS used to make a nice little input button, leftover snippet from a previous project.

CSS Multiple Media Queries

@media queries are instrumental in creating responsive CSS designs. This tutorial explains how to combine multiple media queries to keep things optimized.

Remove Linked Image Borders in IE

Internet Explorer has a nasty habit of displaying honking blue borders on linked images. This post shows a quick way to disable them using a slice of jQuery.

Add links to HTML/CSS Validator

Here are some notes and markup examples for adding links to the W3C’s online HTML and CSS validators. This will enable your visitors to check any page on your site.

CSS Target Opera

Here are some nice CSS techniques for targeting old and new versions of Opera.

Remove borders & outlines in IE

For the DigWP redesign, I noticed that some linked images were displayed with an unwanted border (or outline) in IE. After the usual CSS techniques failed to work, I experimented a bit and discovered a simple solution.