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Coda 2 Shortcuts

This post is a working roundup of any/all useful shortcuts that I can find for Coda 2 (code editor and FTP software). So far, most of the shortcuts in this post are taken from Brad Strickland’s great post*. So huge thanks to Brad for sharing.

Coda 2 Keyboard Shortcuts

So without further ado, here is my growing list of Coda shortcuts:


Hide Coda       ⌘H 
Hide Others     ⌥⌘H
Preferences     ⌘,
Quit Coda       ⌘Q


Balance               ⌘B
Beginning of Line     ⌘←
Bigger Font           ⌘+
Blockedit Selection   ⇧⌘B
Check Spelling        ⌘;
Clear Change Marks    ⌥⌘M
Close Tag             ⌥⌘.
Copy                  ⌘C
Cut                   ⌘X
End of Line           ⌘→
Find (in document)    ⌘F
Find & Replace        ^⌘G
Find in Files         ^⌘F
Find Next             ⌘G
Find Previous         ⇧⌘G
Go To Line Number     ⇧⌘L
Hide Find Banner      ⇧⌘F
Jump to Selection     ⌘J

More Editing

Look Up Selected Word in Reference Books     ⌘’
Next Change (in shared document)             ⌥⌘C
Next Symbol                                  ⌘D
Next Word                                    ⌥→
Paste                                        ⌘V
Preview in Default External Browser          ⌥⌘B
Previous Change (in shared document)         ⌥⇧⌘C
Previous Symbol                              ⇧⌘D
Previous Word                                ⌥←
Redo                                         ⇧⌘Z
Search Files                                 ⌥⌘F
Select All                                   ⌘A
Shift Left                                   ⌘[
Shift Right                                  ⌘]
Show Colors                                  ⇧⌘C
Show Fonts                                   ⇧⌘T
Show Invisible Characters                    ⌥⌘I
Show Line Numbers                            ⌥⌘L
Show Spelling and Grammar                    ⌘:
Show Validation Errors                       ⌥⌘V
Smaller Font                                 ⌘-
Special Characters                           ⌥⌘T
Split Document                               ^⌘L
Undo                                         ⌘Z
Use Selection for Find                       ⌘E
Use Selection for Replace                    ⌥⌘E
Un/Comment Selection                         ⌘/
Wrap Lines (toggle)                          ⌥⌘W
View Source                                  ⌥⌘U


Back                             ⌥⌘←
Close File                       ⌘W
Close Window (and all tabs)      ⇧⌘W
Delete                           ⌘⌫
Forward                          ⌥⌘→
Get Info                         ⌘I
Go To Folder                     ⌥⌘G
Hide/Show File Browser           ^⌘B
New Folder                       ⇧⌘N
New File                         ⌥⌘N
New File (of default type)       ⌘N
New Split                        ^⌘S
New Tab                          ⌘T
New Window                       ^⌘N
Open                             ⌘O
Page Setup                       ⇧⌘P
Parent                           ⌥⌘↑
Print                            ⌘P
Publish                          ⌥⌘P
Reload                           ⌘R
Save                             ⌘S
Save As                          ⇧⌘S
Set Shared Access To Read/Write  ^⌘A
Set Shared Access To Read Only   ⌥⌘A
Share via Bonjour                ⇧⌘E


Books           ⌘6
CSS Editor      ⌘4
Preview         ⌘3
Sites           ⌘1
Terminal        ⌘5
Text Editor     ⌘2


Go To Location  ⌘L
Reload          ⌘R


Add Site                                    ⇧⌘A
Connect to Server… (without using Sites)    ⌘K
Publish to Server (locally changed files)   ^⌘P

Source Control

Commit         ⇧⌘M
Refresh        ⇧⌘R
Update         ⇧⌘U


Clips          ^⌘C
Minimize       ⌘M
Next Tab       ⌘}
Previous Tab   ⌘{
Transcript     ^⌘T

More shortcuts on the way as they are discovered!

Know of a shortcut for reverse publish? Let me know and I’ll send you $5 via PayPal :)


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Check out my Coda 2 article at Perishable Press!

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