A fresh mix of code snippets and tutorials

Simple email script with PHP

Here is a simple PHP script for sending email.

Display local time with JavaScript

Another oldie but goodie, here is a chunk of JavaScript code that will display local time in a variety of formats.

Simple PHP login form

Here’s a quick PHP snippet for creating a simple login form for your site.

Spammer Trap

Another bad-bot trap to keep spammers and other scumbags away from your website.

Display performance stats in WordPress

Here is how to display the page-generation time based on PHP and MySQL.

Override inline CSS styles

Quick tip for overriding inline CSS styles from within your stylesheet.

Stop form spam with a hidden field

Sick of teh spamz? Here’s an easy way to block a lot of automated spam from your contact form.

Anatomy of a URL

Sweet little infographic explaining the different parts of a URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

Display PHP + server info

Quick snippet today meant as a copy/paste template for displaying your PHP and server information in the blink of an eye.

Random colors with JavaScript

Here is an old script that’s just too precious to throw away, so here it is for the sake of reference and utter amusement.

CSS cross-browser whitespace rules

If you’ve ever tried to make whitespace behave across all browsers, you’ll appreciate today’s snippet.

CSS to debug CSS

Here is a minimal set of CSS styles useful for debugging your CSS codes.