A fresh mix of code snippets and tutorials

Enable shortcodes in widgets

Quick tip to enable WordPress shortcodes to be executed in widgets (and post content).

Custom title length

Quick tip for limiting the number of characters displayed in post titles. Limiting title length is useful in some design situations and is actually very easy to do.

Instant screenshots of any web page

Here’s a trick to instantly generate a screenshot of anything on the Web. Without a plugin.

Display the visitor’s Google search terms

A neat trick in your themes is to display the search terms used by the visitor somewhere on the page. Here’s how to do it for visitor’s arriving at your site after searching in Google.

Create a WordPress shortcode

Creating your own custom shortcodes is another thing that WordPress makes very easy to do.

Create WordPress widgets

WordPress makes it drop-dead simple to create your own custom widgets.

Display external files with a shortcode

Here is a cool snippet to display an external file anywhere in your WordPress theme.

Display external feeds in WordPress

WordPress makes it so easy to display external RSS feeds anywhere in your theme.

Add featured images to WordPress feeds

By default, WordPress does not display your post’s featured images in feeds. Fortunately it’s easy to do.

Reset password via SQL

Quick tip o the day! Here’s how to reset your password using a simple SQL query.

Must-Use (mu) Plugins & Drop-Ins

Two little interesting tidbits about WordPress: must-use (mu) plugins and drop-ins. Do you know them?

Display short URLs in WordPress

Quick tip for the day: display short URLs using native WordPress functionality.