A fresh mix of code snippets and tutorials

Some Useful WordPress Shortcodes

Here is a nice collection of useful WordPress shortcodes, including cool functionality like displaying author lists, automatic links, subscribe links, current date, and more!

All WordPress Login Parameters

Here is a list of all the query string parameters used on the WordPress Login Page. Knowing these can be useful when you are customizing the Admin Area and related functionality, so you can be sure to cover all the bases.

Dead Simple Tooltips

Finding a decent tooltip script takes a lot of work, searching, testing, fiddling. Often, it’s much quicker and easier to simply roll your own, maybe starting from something very basic and simple. The problem is that finding a super simple starting point for tooltips is next to impossible; the few scripts that are available aren’t […]

WordPress use post modified time for better SEO

Quick collection of code snippets to help customize post dates to reflect most-recent-update information. I use this technique here at WP-Mix, DigWP, and elsewhere. Using the most recent date as the post date can boost the SEO value of your site.

WordPress add titles to post navigation links

In this post, we add title attributes to WordPress post-navigation links, for both previous/next archive navigation and previous/next single-post navigation. These are some simple copy/paste functions that you can add directly to your theme (or via plugin).

jQuery Open Links in New Tab

Over the years, I’ve collected various JavaScript techniques for opening external links in their own tab. Here they are, all in one convenient post..

CSS hover link slide-up background

Quick CSS snippet for you, sort of hard to explain but basically it’s an effect whereby the background color slides up when the link is hovered. Keep reading to check out a demo and grab the code.

PHP run script for specific IP address

When working on a live site (which of course you should never do), it may be useful to execute some PHP script only for your own IP address. This quick tutorial provides a simple script that can make it happen. $referer = isset($_SERVER[‘HTTP_REFERER’]) ? $_SERVER[‘HTTP_REFERER’] : ‘undefined’; $agent = isset($_SERVER[‘HTTP_USER_AGENT’]) ? $_SERVER[‘HTTP_USER_AGENT’] : ‘undefined’; $address […]

PHP Protect Include Files

Including files plays an important role in PHP development. For example, your app may consist of a main plugin file that includes several smaller files, each of which contains some distinct bit of functionality. When including such files, it’s a good idea to protect them against direct access. This tutorial rounds up a bunch of […]

PHP Stringify Formatted Text

This code snippet takes a string of text and removes all carriage returns, new lines, and tabs, replacing any matches with a simple blank space. An ideal way to “stringify” a potentially formatted lump of alphanumeric text.

WordPress oEmbed Tricks

Ahh yeah, here are some sweet little code snippets to customize the default WordPress oEmbed functionality. Techniques include modifying default oEmbed size, markup, as well as enabling oEmbed for Post Excerpts and Custom Fields.

WordPress Fix Image Upload Errors

Here are some quick tips to help troubleshoot and fix image and file upload errors in WordPress. Hopefully it helps someone out there get things back on track with their uploaded images. I know it can be frustrating!