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Media Temple Server Down

Having issues with Media Temple Grid and DV servers? Losing sales, clients, and business? It’s a depressing, nauseating feeling no doubt. Unfortunately there is not a lot that we, as customers, can do when the servers go down. To help keep your sanity, here is a list of resources for keeping an eye on things, […]

jQuery prevent widows

While redesigning DigWP.com, I was experimenting with different layouts for the comments section. In one of those layouts, I needed to prevent widows in the comment text (when it comes to cleanly displayed text, widows are the worst). So after some playing, I came up with a couple of jQuery snippets that work great. Here […]

WordPress Limit Post Display to Post Authors

Here is a good, WP-API method of limiting post display to the currently logged-in post author (i.e., so users can only view their own posts). Here you’ll find two variations of this technique. The first limits the display of posts for non-admin users only. The other limits the display of posts for all users, including […]

WordPress Shortcode for Linked Image Gallery

This cool little snippet was contributed by VRS from Russia. It enables you to display a set of linked gallery images. You can use this technique anywhere in your theme template file or in any WordPress Post or Page.

Set Firmware Password on macOS

Own a Mac? Prevent thieves from wiping your hard drive by setting a firmware password. Especially useful if running any sort of anti-theft or tracking app. Setting a firmware password for macOS is straightforward, requiring only three steps.

WordPress.org Login URLs and User Profile Pages

Working as a developer at WordPress.org means that I get to log in and help people, update my plugins, and make sure my profile information is current. For quite awhile, however, I was confused about the various URLs that are involved with logging in and managing profiles, preferences, and so forth.. The whole WordPress.org domain […]

jQuery Scroll to Target with Offset

This tutorial shows how to create “scroll-to” links with jQuery. For example, if you want to add a link on your page that smoothly scrolls the user to a specific location, add the following code snippet to your JavaScript file.

PHP Search Multidimensional Array

When you need to search an array using PHP, you can call upon the ancient powers of in_array() and call it a day. But that only works for flat, or one-dimensional arrays. What if you need to find a value in a multi-dimensional array? Well my friend, there isn’t a native PHP function to help […]

Stop WordPress from adding bundled plugins and themes during updates

By default, WordPress installs its bundled themes and plugins every time the software is updated. So for example, if you’re running the Hello Dolly plugin and a new version is available, WordPress will update the plugin when you upgrade WordPress.

WordPress clean up do_pings

When your WordPress site is configured to enable pings, the database can fill up with many do_pings WP Cron entries. This post provides a couple of quick ways to clean them up, by either disabling the functionality or deleting the do_pings entries from the database.

CSS select all except last child

Blazing fast snippet for you today: how to select all children except the last child. Targeting HTML with CSS has never been so much fun..

Minimal, optimal email headers

I recently had a conversation with an email guru concerning the ideal headers to use when sending plain-text email messages. Here is the punchline of that insightful exchange..