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Site online but can’t access

Here are a few steps to take if a website is online but you are not able to access it.

First, check to make sure that the site is up. Visit either of these sites to check:

Just enter whichever URL you are trying to access. Then if either of those services reveal that your site is up, but you still cannot access it, try the following steps:

  • Clear all cookies / history in your browser
  • Restart your machine, router, and/or modem
  • Flush your local DNS cache
  • For Windows, run the command ipconfig /flushdns
  • For Mac OSX (Leopard), run the command dscacheutil -flushcache
  • For Mac OSX (<10.5.1), run the command lookupd -flushcache
  • For Linux, run the command /etc/init.d/nscd restart

List of tips from https://viewdns.info/.

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