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Update WP plugins via Mac Terminal


Here’s a quick guide for updating your WordPress plugins in the Plugin Directory using Mac Terminal.

Step 1: Check out

Create a directory named “svn” in your Documents folder. Then open Terminal and type: cd ~/Documents/svn

Once in the svn directory, enter this command in Terminal: svn co http://svn.wp-plugins.org/your-plugin-name

Note: replace “your-plugin-name” with that of your own plugin.

Step 2: Make changes

Using the checked out files in your local svn directory, make any changes to the plugin. Once everything is ready, you’re ready to check in.

Step 3: Check in

Finally, check in your changes by first navigating to the plugin directory on your local machine. In Terminal, enter: cd ~/Documents/svn/your-plugin-name

Then from within your plugin directory, check in the modified plugin by entering this command: svn --username=UserName ci -m "update"

In this last terminal command, the “UserName” is your username for the WP Plugin Directory, and “update” is a comment that you can customize to specify or describe what the changes are all about. You know.

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