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WordPress: check if user is logged in


Here are some notes and examples of how to check if a user is logged in to WordPress.

Best way to check if user is logged in

WordPress provides a nice template tag for checking if the current user is logged in, is_user_logged_in(). Using it is straightforward:

Here is another example, where a view-invoice function is provided for logged in users, and visitors not logged in are redirected to the WP Login Page:

Checking logged in user based on WP cookie

Here is an example of checking logged in users based on the cookie that WP sets upon user login:

Note that this example is meant to illustrate the concept. Make sure you have additional security measures in place as cookies are easily spoofed. I’ve used this technique as-is, however, for non-critical UI/UX functionality. For example, display a welcome panel if the user is logged in. The same logic can also be applied via JavaScript/jQuery.

Check logged in user by role

It’s also possible to check logged in users implicitly, by checking their user role:

This is useful because WordPress provides a wealth of roles and capabilities to check. Learn more at the WP Codex.

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