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WordPress Display Plugin “View Details” Screen

Everyone is familiar with the WordPress Plugins screen. Where you can view all installed/active plugins, etc. On that screen, there is a link next to each plugin that says “View Details”. When you click it, a popup dialog overlays the page content. Inside of that dialog is a tabbed interface where you can learn about the plugin description, installation, changelog, and more. This quick post shows how to call the “View Details” popup directly, so you can open it as a new tab or window.

View Details Screen

Normally the “View Details” dialog is displayed as an overlay on the Plugins screen. That makes it difficult to test and examine code, say for plugin developers who may want to customize things. Fortunately, it is possible to open the View Details dialog in a separate tab or window. Simply enter the following URL in your browser’s address bar:


Remember to replace the example.com with your own domain name. Then also change the my-plugin with the slug for the plugin for which you want to display the View Details information. Once you’ve made those changes, hit the enter key to open the page. Now you can inspect the code, view the page markup, and do other fun developer things :)

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