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WordPress s2member PayPal Fix

For those using s2Member and getting no response after clicking the “Continue” button on the PayPal.com site, here is a quick possible solution.

Version Requirement

First, understand that this fix works only for s2Member version 151210 and better.

Potential Solution

The fix or workaround proposed by the s2Member team is to change ns="1" to ns="0" in your PayPal Pro Forms and PayPal Buttons (shortcodes). These attributes are defined as follows:

  • ns="0" (new default) = prompt for a shipping address, but do not require one
  • ns="1" (old default) = do not prompt for a shipping address whatsoever

So again, to resolve the no-response issue when clicking the “Continue” button, make sure you are updated to s2 v151210 or better, and then change each instance of ns="1" to ns="0" in your forms and shortcodes.

Official Report

Here is the s2 changelog entry for this issue:

“[v151210] This release resolves a conflict between s2Member and a nasty bug at PayPal.com that came to light recently. In some cases, customers reported that clicking the “Continue” button at PayPal.com simply reloaded the page and gave no response. We found that this was attributed to a bug on the PayPal side. To work around this bug, we are using a new default value for the ns=”1″ shortcode attribute in PayPal Pro-Forms and PayPal Buttons. The new default value is ns=”0″, which seems to work around this bug for the time being.”

See also: Dashboard → s2Member → PayPal Pro-Forms → PayPal Shortcode Attributes.

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