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WordPress widget_init not working


Working on USP Pro, I noticed that the included Form Widget stopped working. It didn’t display at all, like it wasn’t even registering with WordPress. After some investigating, I discovered that changes in the WordPress core required an update to the widget code. This article explains the process of troubleshooting and the working solution.


In the plugin core file, I had the following code:

..and then in the USP_Pro class:

require_once(sprintf("%s/inc/usp-forms.php", dirname(__FILE__)));

..which includes the widget class:


After testing with the example widget provided in the WP Codex, it was clear that the issue was not with the widget class but rather in how/when the class is called. So after troubleshooting by changing:

require_once(sprintf("%s/inc/usp-forms.php", dirname(__FILE__)));


require_once(sprintf("%s/inc/usp-widget.php", dirname(__FILE__)));

..and including it directly like so in the plugin core file:

..such that the widget class is included after the init hook, it worked normally. But I wanted to include the widget from within the USP_Pro class.


After consulting the WP Codex on action hooks, I noticed this info:

init – Typically used by plugins to initialize. The current user is already authenticated by this time.

widgets_init – Used to register sidebars. Fired at ‘init’ priority 1 (and so before ‘init’ actions with priority ≥ 1!)

So then, based on that information, I changed the init priority to 0:

add_action('init', 'usp_pro_init', 0);

..and then moved the inclusion back into the construct of USP_Pro:

require_once(sprintf("%s/inc/usp-widget.php", dirname(__FILE__)));

..and it works normally.

Take-home lesson

If widget_init is not working when called via init with priority 1, try changing the priority of init to 0.

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