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1Password Dropbox Sync

Here is a simple trick for getting your 1Password data file to sync on any device.

On my primary machine, I use the “1Password.agilekeychain” file with Dropbox, which basically means that when I run 1Password, it uses the 1Password.agilekeychain file that’s stored in Dropbox.

So that’s always worked great, but over the past year or so, I’ve noticed that on my mobile device 1Password is using an increasingly outdated version of the Dropbox agilekeychain. In other words the password data on my desktop machine is current, but on other devices it’s like an older file is being used.


It turns out that there is a setting in the 1Password preferences that controls whether or not the data file (1Password.agilekeychain) is to be cached, and then a button to clear the cached file. These are the settings you’re looking for:

View screenshot

If you’re not concerned about possible performance gains, the easiest thing to do is just disable the caching option. Otherwise if caching is enabled, you can get your data file to sync on any device by opening 1password on the device and clicking the “Clear cache” button. BOOM. Works instantly, no fuss no muss.

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