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Whitelist POST access with .htaccess

Here is how to whitelist POST requests for a specific file. For example, you can protect chat, forum, and other heavily targeted scripts from malicious acitivity.

Protect .svn files with .htaccess

For those using subversion, here is how to protect your svn files with .htaccess.

Set X-UA-Compatible via .htaccess

It’s relatively well known that you can set X-UA-Compatible headers with HTML.. here is how to do it with a bit of .htaccess.

Simple Ajax Chat .htaccess whitelist

In general, chat scripts are huge targets for malicious activity. My chat plugin, Simple Ajax Chat is no exception, and includes strong security measures to protect against attack.

Quick KB/MB unit conversions

Working with .htaccess for stuff like file uploads, it’s frequently necessary to convert between kilobytes and megabytes.

Force download WMV with .htaccess

Everyone loves WMV! Not! Jokes aside, here’s what finally worked for me when trying to force download Windows Media Video (WMV) files.

Shortcut to WP Login

Back in January of 2011, Chris Coyier posted a sweet .htaccess technique for setting up Simpler Login URLs in WordPress. This is a follow-up technique that’s slightly improved..

Additional file-types for mod_expires

Here is a list of the most common file-types for Apache’s mod_expires, which is used for configuring expires headers for better cache control.

Redirect URLs with .htaccess

Here is a quick cheat-sheet for redirecting URLs with .htaccess.

Maintenance mode via .htaccess

For WordPress users there are at least three great plugins that make maintenance mode just dead-simple. Even so, here is how to do it with .htaccess.

Canonical snippets for WordPress

.htaccess enables us to easily clean up 404 errors and other misdirected HTTP traffic for better SEO. Here are some canonical snippets for WordPress and beyond.

Redirect HTTP to PHP via .htaccess

Here is how to redirect specific URL requests to a PHP script for further processing, etc. Very useful for monitoring HTTP activity, logging errors, and more.