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Shortcut to WP Login

Back in January of 2011, Chris Coyier posted a sweet .htaccess technique for setting up Simpler Login URLs in WordPress. This is a follow-up technique that’s slightly improved..

First, here’s the code to add to your site’s root .htaccess file:

RedirectMatch 301 \@admin http://example.com/wp-admin/

Replace example.com with the path to your WP admin directory. For example, if WordPress is installed in a subdirectory named /wp/, the code should look like this:

RedirectMatch 301 \@admin http://example.com/wp/wp-admin/

Once in place, the WP login page will be accessible by appending @admin to literally any URL on your site. For example:


..and so forth. This can be especially keen when handing clients their login credentials for a new site, where the login page is always with quick reach while visiting the site.

Note that this technique sends a “301” response for the redirect, which means that the redirect is permanent. If you’d like to try the technique or just keep it temporary for awhile, use “302” instead.

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