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Notes for Plesk Webmail

Recently discovered that emails were not getting thru. Looking into it, turns out that Plesk’s webmail feature was at 100% capacity so it was rejecting all new email. Not good.

Traceroute tip

Quick tip for diagnosing traffic and network issues with the traceroute command.

Use your own custom email with Gmail

Quick guide for using your own custom email with Gmail.

Protect Plesk stats

An important aspect of website security is protecting sensitive data such as your server statistics. Here is an important security tip for Plesk users.

Cron database backups via email

Here’s a simple, effective, and practical way to keep regular backups of your database using cron. After setting up the cron job, backups of your database are sent to you via email.

Download large files via SSH

Here is one way to download huge files (or any size file) from your server to your local machine. All you need is an SSH connection and the scp command.

Canonical snippets for WordPress

.htaccess enables us to easily clean up 404 errors and other misdirected HTTP traffic for better SEO. Here are some canonical snippets for WordPress and beyond.

Redirect HTTP to PHP via .htaccess

Here is how to redirect specific URL requests to a PHP script for further processing, etc. Very useful for monitoring HTTP activity, logging errors, and more.

Redirect HTTP to HTTPS

In addition to www canonicalization, you can also canonicalize the HTTP protocol, redirecting HTTP to HTTPS (or vice versa) using Apache/.htaccess. Below you will find several ways to force SSL/TLS for all URI requests. This is especially useful for sites with existing links pointing to unencrypted http:// URLs. Enforcing use of SSL/HTTPS helps to eliminate […]

Anatomy of a URL

Sweet little infographic explaining the different parts of a URL (Uniform Resource Locator).