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Use your own custom email with Gmail

Quick guide for using your own custom email with Gmail.

After setting this up for several accounts, I’ve got it simplified to the following eight steps:

  1. Create an email account in Plesk, cPanel, or whatever (or use an existing address)
  2. Create email account in Gmail
  3. Enable email forwarding to Gmail via Plesk, cPanel, or other software
  4. Add your custom email address @ Gmail > Settings > Accounts and Import > “Send mail as”
  5. Add your info and click to send the confirmation email (check to “Treat as an alias”, then “Send as Gmail”)
  6. Log in to your custom email account (In Plesk, visit http://webmail.example.com and click the link (use email username/password to log in)
  7. Go to Gmail > Settings > Accounts and Import, and check to “make default”
  8. Test and done.

Of course, this is written for Plesk users, but cPanel and other software should provide equivalent methods for each required action.

Also note that Google changes Gmail settings quite frequently, so it’s likely that some steps may be slightly different. Use your skillz to dial it in :)

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