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Contact Form X

There are a million contact form plugins, but this one is MINE. One of the primary communication channels for my online empire is the Perishable Press Contact Page. I get a TON of email from that location, all coming from different projects, plugins, books, tutorials, etc. So the contact form that I display must be 100% top-notch. Not even taking a chance with any other plugin.. that’s why I wrote my own: I wanted something lighter, faster, and sleeker than any of the “big name” alternatives.

Contact Form X is the 7th plugin I’ve launched this year, and definitely it is my new favorite project. It’s got all the features you want, like tabbed settings, multiple form styles, dashboard widget, GDPR options, Google reCaptcha, inline docs, customize everything, Ajax-powered, simple, secure, and of course the thing is just blazing FAST.

I designed and developed this plugin based on 10+ years building and refining WordPress forms, including two previous contact-form plugins that now are replaced by CFX, which is superior in every way. But don’t take my word for it, check out Contact Form X and decide for yourself :)

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