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New WordPress plugin: Banhammer!

Quick post to announce my latest WordPress security plugins, Banhammer (free version) and Banhammer Pro. These plugins give you full control over site access, enabling you to warn or ban any user or bot with a click. So you can monitor traffic via slick Ajax UI, and drop the Banhammer on any suspicious or threatening activity.

Banhammer Features

Top features of the free version:

  • Ban or Warn any WP User or IP Address
  • Restore access to any banned targets
  • Monitor site traffic in the Armory
  • Manage banned targets in the Tower
  • Complete Ajax-powered navigation
  • Useful tools like jump, sort, search
  • Complete documentation via Help tab
  • Automatically clear logged data
  • Sound effects for Ban, Warn, et al

Banhammer Pro Features

Top features of the pro version:

  • Ban any URI Request, Referrer, or User Agent
  • Whitelist any IP Address or User Agent
  • View Cookies, POST Data, and FILES Data
  • Email Alerts for banned and warned requests
  • Display custom message to each banned target
  • Add private notes to warned/banned targets
  • Customize target strings for User Agents et al
  • Disable logging of banned, warned, et al
  • Smart bot detection
  • Self-ban safety net

Both plugins are beautifully designed and simple to use. So you can ban threats and add another strong layer of security to your WordPress-powered site. And even have fun doing it (you’ve got to try the Ajax UI — it’s very addictive!). There’s even sound effects for the ultimate banhammer experience :)

Get Banhammer!

Learn more and get Banhammer:

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