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Check for PHP cURL

Quick snippet for checking whether or not PHP’s cURL is available on the server.

PHP foreach loop

I am always using this PHP code snippet, which basically loops through an array that may or may not include nested arrays. So to make things easier, I am posting here for quick reference.

WordPress Functions for Theme Testing

Some quick copy/paste snippets taken from my dev/test theme, Introspection. Posting them here for reference so I can grab ’em as needed.

How to change your theme’s appearance

If you want to change certain aspects of your theme, you should get familar with its different files.

Apache Require HTTP 1.1 for POST Requests

A reader recently asked how to limit POST requests to only HTTP 1.1. Well here is an .htaccess snippet that will do it.

Over 300 SQL Code Snippets for WordPress

I’m excited to launch my latest book, Wizard’s SQL Recipes for WordPress. Years in the making, Wizard’s SQL Recipes brings together over 300 recipes for managing and optimizing the WordPress database. If you’re a WordPress administrator or developer who wants to level up their database skills, this book’s for you. Check out the PDF Demo […]

Dead Simple Tooltips

Finding a decent tooltip script takes a lot of work, searching, testing, fiddling. Often, it’s much quicker and easier to simply roll your own, maybe starting from something very basic and simple. The problem is that finding a super simple starting point for tooltips is next to impossible; the few scripts that are available aren’t […]

Quick KB/MB unit conversions

Working with .htaccess for stuff like file uploads, it’s frequently necessary to convert between kilobytes and megabytes.

Reset password via SQL

Quick tip o the day! Here’s how to reset your password using a simple SQL query.

Specify images for web pages

This is a general technique for specifying an official image for your site, without actually displaying it on the front-end. Useful for catch-all social-media purposes.

Set Firmware Password on macOS

Own a Mac? Prevent thieves from wiping your hard drive by setting a firmware password. Especially useful if running any sort of anti-theft or tracking app. Setting a firmware password for macOS is straightforward, requiring only three steps.

Simple Ajax Chat Test Script

When testing my plugin, Simple Ajax Chat (SAC), I use the following script to save time testing various chat functionality. Posted here in case it’s useful for others. Note this is for the free version of SAC. Enjoy!