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How to change your theme’s appearance

If you want to change certain aspects of your theme, you should get familar with its different files.

Here are a few of your theme’s key template files and their specific purpose:

  • style.css – controls the compositional and stylistic presentation of your site
  • header.php – displays the header area of your web pages, which generally includes your blog title, tagline, navigation, and other “upper” elements
  • index.php – loops through your post content and displays different elements, such as the post title, date, and content
  • wp-comments.php – displays each post’s comments, pingbacks, and trackbacks, as well as the comments-submission form
  • single.php – similar to index.php, but displays a single post instead of multiple posts

There are numerous ways to go about editing these files, but perhaps the easiest way is to simply use the built-in Theme Editor from within the WordPress Admin.

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