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WordPress Get the Author Outside Loop


This tutorial explains how to get the current Post Author outside of the WordPress Loop.

For the author-archive views generated by my shapeSpace starter theme, I needed a way to display author information outside of the Loop. This article explains two ways to make it happen..

Method 1

This method uses the WP API and is the cleanest way of getting author information outside of the Loop:

..which may be simplified like this:

As written, that code displays the author’s Display Name. To instead get the entire WP_User object, the code can be modified as follows:

Then you can call any method or property of WP_User to get whatever author information is required. Here is an advanced example of this, as featured in the shapeSpace theme:

So pretty much you can get whatever author/user infos you need, even outside of the WordPress Loop.

Method 2

Here is an alternate method that uses the global $post object along with get_the_author_meta() to retrieve the author’s Display Name:

To get other author details, you can change the first parameter of get_the_author_meta().

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